Jia Guan Metal Inc. (JIA GUAN) is one of excellent companies, specializing in the field of free-cutting / free-machining stainless steel and manufacturing of stainless steel round bars, stainless steel hexagonal bars, and stainless steel wires. Not only does JIA GUAN utilize advanced facilities & multi-purposed instruments to satisfy client’s requirements, but also JIA GUAN has had decades of experience in producing of stainless steel bars and supplying for global CNC customers. Hence, JIA GUAN has confidence to be the best choice for all CNC customers around the world.

  • Founders : Mr. Wu, Tai Ping.
  • Established on Feb., 1991
  • Headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
  • Areas of factories : 11500 Square Meters.
  • Stainless Products : All Kinds of Stainless Steel Round Bars,
    Stainless Steel Hexagon Bars, Stainless Steel Wires, and Centerless Ground Bars.


Yangmei branch

Yangmei  branch

Historical Events

Year Overviews
1991 established in Taoyuan city and produced stainless steel bars, up to 5.0mm.
1993 upgraded facilities to extend offering the bars, up to 13 mm.
1994 imported over 13 mm stainless steel bars from Japan, German, and France.
1996 moved to Zhongli Industrial Zone in Taoyuan city.
1997 installed automotive equipment to optimize productivity
2000 set up Yangmei branch.
2006 to be an ISO9001 certificated company.
2009 expand Yangmei branch’s factory area.
2011 acquired advanced-machines for producing stainless steel bars, up to 34mm
2012 Yangmei branch moved to new location
2013 purchased new machines.
2016 released Jia Guan’s RWD website.
2018 Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification by TÜV Rheinland.
2020 Finished Yangmei plant expansion
2021 Completed a new production line at Yangmei plant.
2022 Completed the Eddy Current quality control line at Yangmei plant.
2023 Acquired an automatic universal hardness tester.